Find a shoe that fits (yes it's about the shoes , really)

For years I struggled to find the right shoes. That is about 80% of what I bought - I did not wear them. Not at all because of the "Carrie Bradshaw syndrome" or excess budget.

I did not know what I needed. As simple as that. I am sure, that several girls on this earth are in this case; I can not have been the unique case! Yes???

Let I buy them too small (but clearly too small to fitting). Why buy them? Because they liked me and I told myself that my foot will go. What unfortunate illusion (I decided to go with a softness on the expressions about me). Or I bought them because they were in my budget. While those who were at my size were too expensive for me. Like that I had the illusion of bought me a new pair. Yes, but completely useless.

When I finally found the "shoes" that went well and I liked (because yes, it happened from time to time, at 20%, the 80% slept in the closet or were given to someone) - I used them until no shoemaker can not do anything. So I wore the same pair for all occasions.

Especially since I have a feet worry, a deformation, which made my experiences even more painful.

Regularly I was attending a pair of high heel pumps. I put them. Once. They made me the torture of the Japanese feet. They sat in the wardrobe. I watched them with impotence, for I did not understand where this curse came from.

Several years has taken that I understand. The expression "find a shoe that fits" we refer to "Find his companion". I interpret it in a much wider sense. Without doing "Counter Psychology" (I love to make countertop psychology) - I started taking it out with my pumps when I started to know me really, to know what I need (in very different areas of life).

It had become no way to inflict a pain with the shoes too small. I accepted that I can not walk with 9 cm pumps of heels needle. I stopped putting a pair of new shoes for a long party (spoiled by bulbs). I stopped taking the pair cheaper, while it was the one that was a bit more expensive, and feets me well.

I understood that it was stupid to save money on my everyday shoes and invest in those I put twice.

What do I do now? First of all it is important to be aware of its way of life everyday. I buy first the shoes in which I feel right right away. They shake me too much? (even if in theory it's my size); They hurt me by friction at the fitting? So it's NO.

My feet require a fitting. So, I buy where I can try before. If it's online - only if I can return my purchase (easily).

I know exactly what shape, height, model and material I can wear, goes me, etc. I took a long time to get there. Simply because I did not ask myself good questions.

Here are some that I think are good:

- What's right now, I need? What do you miss every day? (comfortable shoes for the office, sneakers to run, stable sandals with a wide heel ..)

- What is my budget? It is good to invest in quality shoes; wait for Sales knowing already what you need can be a good idea

- Do I know where I can find what I'm looking for? It's great to have 3 or 4 addresses (physical or online, second-hand or new) (sometimes, even often, after a series of tests) who make items that you will like you and who are in your budget. In these addresses I register in client and receive informations about promotions, private sales.

- And, finally, once feet in: do I feel good in my pumps ??? Yes, banal expressions can also be full of meaning

I feel right away, like it , it goes well to me (my style, my life), I need it, I have $$$ for. I buy !!!

It can be much faster. The girls who galvanized as it was my case - courage, I support you wholeheartedly. The more you will ask yourself good questions and the sooner you will find your pearl (yes I always talk about shoes, stay in the subject).

And to answer your question: Yes, I also wear vintage shoes. And I apply the same rules.

My pair of favorite shoes? The "Stéphane Kelian" light blue and cream, with knots, with a compensated, fine and stable heel. I bought them at "Le Bon Marché" ( a magical parisian store, on sale) - I'm telling you what year? - In 2004. These are my fetishes.

You have a pair of fetish shoes you ???

See you !!


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