In my bubble

I love work at home. I started creating my own fashion universe second hand from not much. Over meetings and discoveries. Who brought me more and more in depth. I also saw the benefit of joy that the touch of materials, tissues. Palper the garment, imagine it, wondering "with what?"

It's a long learning. The eye works, it trains. This is constantly evolving. There are successes, there are flops. Continue is the only possibility when one thing is important to us. Discounts in questions are part of it.

Yesterday I spent, as every week the morning in one of the local associations where I chose. I find everything you see either in local associations or in flea markets and garbage. I touch each piece. I choose it.

There I want to deepen. To go more in "true" vintage. The word means "twenty years of age". Any 20 years of age and more clothes is a vintage.

I found beautiful pieces yesterday, beautiful fabrics , nice work. You will see them very quickly. Besides, I can not wait. As a result, the question of presentation arises, as every time. Take the time to do it. Sometimes it is necessary do it quickly . it is necessary? Go fast? Or that's the impression I have? 

Have its own "signature , recognizable. That's a real job. Conjugated with pleasure - it can work. To continue.

Photo by Melvin Sokolsky

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