I'll go hunt vintage at your place

First of all, I hope you had a good week with Christmas holidays in the middle, whether you flew or not. I say that because baptized orthodox child, Practitioner Buddhist now - I decorate the fir at Christmas Catholic, I make gifts to my lfamily, I eat oysters and I drink champagne and I love that. Each his own.

The subject of this post carrier is quite different, yes, always, related to the garment. The attire. The look. And their research on the markets of the second hand and vintage.

I want to share with you my favorite addresses, all online, vintage shops and second hand. Their choice is subjective, it's mine. My criteria? Their range, interest and quality of their articles. Their "paw", the personal signature that distinguish them in the choices and I like. The seriousness, constancy, passion and energy of their work. All these online shops are kept with tiles by one, maximum 2 people.

Let's go. The list is international, all deliver in France. The order of the list is made right because it takes one.

-->> Barbara Jacobs Vintage With the delicious Anna, "citizen of the world", began his shop in the Netherlands, continues in France. So original pièces, love of prints. Instagram HERE, in the bio - her second account dedicated to vintage lingerie

-->> La Réligieuse : Parisian shop by Nora, with even the opportunity to go to the spot in the 19th. Singular choice of style and brands, often very rare. Combinations of looks and scenes have a lot of interest. Instagram HERE

-->> Psychofrips:  online, in France, in the Southwest, daily arrivals, modern and vintage, a big choice. Inès to the controllers with a limitless dynamism is supported by Florie. Instagram HERE

--->> Les petites pepites vintage : we are in Belgium with Mag, her favorite seventies with flower prints, pie collars , elephant legs and joyful  mood

-->> PAST IS PERFECT : "Dallas" and Pamela Ewing are missing you ? You have just found them. Ekaterina is in Texas (I want to say for real) and his shop would even gather the whole Dynasty . Ah ... the 80s

-->> The Penduline : with Lothaire, in Paris, but it comes from all over the world. “The “ Vintage Wardrobe for Men (and Unisex), amazing pieces,  Instagram HERE

-->> INSIDEOFCLOUDS93 : For the little tops and sexy and feminine dresses of years Y2K in all colors, including in that of Sophie's eyes, the owner - you will see. Instagram HERE

--- >> I finish with the inevitable Los-Angeles and PersephoneVintage . There are 3 years ago we could buy a sweater or blouse at 80 euros. We can not anymore. Yes I know. I have been able to consult his sales records (before they are subache): when she started, many years ago - little $ 30 skirts were suspended with clippers. We start always with something. All.

The  most important thing is to last.

see you 


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