The Start of September

I wanted to write this post today. Because the First September is the day of the begin of the school year in Russia, where I grew up. It has always been September 1st. Primary, college, high school.

At the time of my schooling there was only one course: we went back to a school, we were doing the first 3 years of primary with a mistress. It was called "from the 1-era to the 3rd class". Then from the 4th to the 10th we remained in the same ripe (one floor above) and we had a teacher per subject. But the class, the students, the kids remained the same.

I went 10 years of my life - from 7 to 17 years school, certainly, but it was more than that, with the same: children first, then teenagers, then "young people".

Every year on September 1 I was impatient to find all those I left on May 31. Who grew up, who changed ... What, I have a half-header more than N ??? While it was bigger than me before the holidays !!! I love!

After kindergarten my parents asked me what school I wanted to go. Normally children integrated schools by arrondissements. But there were some "specialized" schools in our (large) city. Where there was a kind of selection : the most awake or the most privileged by the situation of their parents.

So, when my parents asked me this amazing question I replied: "at school n ° 45", the only school of our (large) city specializing in the teaching of the French language. I do not know, really, why I gave this answer. Life has shown that I made a good choice because 15 years later I arrived in France, which became my country of adoption.

I had to have a "job interview" to be admitted to this school. And from the age of 8 I started studying French. It was my favorite subject. That and literature.

I had a good memory, it saved me: I was a good student without making a lot of effort. I regret it today. I would have done more if it was redone.

We wore an uniform. The white apron, the smell of new manuals, clean notebooks. Even if they were not going to stay long. My dear friends, my favorite teachers - September 1 each year it was a meeting again and a suite at the same time. This creates very special links - to grow with the same friends for 10 years. It's a universe apart.

I often think of them, andd of the walls of my school. Sometimes I see them even in my dreams.

This is the picture of September 1st where we had 8 years and we would start learning French language that year.

Yes, I'm also on this picture. If you find me - you tell me;)

What is a relation with vintage clothes? Neither.

See you soon.


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