Snow White's Jeans

Do you like white jeans? I like it but really very strong. There is a very important reason: it's more than a personal taste, it's a whole concept. Because around your white jeans you can build all a wardrobe, especially if you have many and different cups. Jean or Casual cotton trousers, non-transparent (this is another category).

It is a very dressed room, which enhances our outfit right away. All the styles go to him: a marcel tank top and naked, or Fuchsia silk top and pumps - Whatever the time, the occasion or the season yes, even the winter and especially when it rains - it puts a Flash, OK - We wash them more often) - Your white jeans will save you.

With white jeans - true white- The vibrant colors are doing very well. Total White Look - Yes. With a stopping point of the look: shoes - jewelry, or golden pockets for example.

With broken white or cream better to opt for pastel colors.

At the moment we find all, but then more than all forms and cuts, everything is carried. If you hesitate on the cup that will best you - take the time to try several, see seek advice. Once this step accomplished -You can buy your snow jeans on the net. The best is that it is worn about the photos. Located on the bed - it's more difficult to imagine in it.

Tips: Discovery dowels (rolling down if it is long) brings elegant side, aerial, they alleviate the silhouette.

When I find a white (or broken white jeans) that I love and who goes - I wear it for years. I had a Levi's (which I shorted) - I worn it 5 years (maintains with whiter etc etc). Then I gave it to my sister. She still holds it.

What do you think, white jeans?



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