Our Scrunchies for this winter

Even if I constantly "head in the vintage" I'm interested and integrates modern in my wardrobe. Trends - silhouettes, length, printed, flagship color. And then I like to watch different styles.

I am rather in the daily life "Minimalist Casual" (we talk about winter there): I like comfort: ample coats Camel colors, gray, white; coats in faux fur, hats, big scarves, upper collar sweaters. Under a big sweater I put a thinner sweater, then a t-shirt or shirt, in short, I am "multi-layers" (luckily I live in Provence, in Alaska I do not know what I could have added , a cache-nose to the own sense maybe).

All this to tell you that I have assembled you here some trends and style of this winter very modern version and next door (or below) I put articles from the shop (so vintage 70s, 80s 90s). That makes more or less echoes. It's interesting, I think, to see the evolution of fashion on 20, 30, 40 years old.

We start with the mini? This season the mini (skirt, dress) are still in favorites. And then when I say "mini" it's really short-short - like in the 60s, 70s. Besides, as soon as I put such a mini in shop it takes “ fissa”. I post here the items that available in the shop. 

Mini Modern (Sources: Photos of Magazines and Streets):



At the store:



Modern Capes and Ponchos:



At the store:




Soft and warm modern coats:



At the store:




What is your link of you between modern and vintage ??

see you soon



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