What do you have in your holiday suitcase ???

Yesterday I was in Hyères. I like this city, I know it, I lived there for 3 years. Saturday is the market day. A big market throughout the city center. to eat, to drink, dress, to be shifted ... everything is there.

I played a game. For the first time as hard. A game of the holiday suitcase. Because, you can imagine, there are plenty of tourists. I watched what they wear, how they are dressed. Yes, men too. I took all my time to examine the outfits

I was disappointed by the widespread banality of clothes, styles (of their absence), "do not care if this t-shirt is black, it is 35 ° C and then, I have transpired well ); Yes, we felt. Yes it is a market, but it is a market for Hyères, one of the biggest, the best known, the most "to see" in the Var.

A lot of black colors.  men had opted much more than women for clear clothes and pink bermudas.

Women and girls wore a "fast-fashion" found here in the markets here. Fabricated not far, in Italy, in workshops that rotates 24/24, 7/7 (). A ribambelle of the clothes you can see on the website of a French brand (which has just a few years, which sells only on the internet and leads a marketing of hell). The dresses, the tops, the shorts we see on their site - there are in the markets on the markets (almost identical, to small details), 5 times cheaper.

This is the "holiday" effect -" I want to please me ". A dress (new) in this market costs between 20 and 40 euros. I say to myself : "I'm going to buy at the outside market, it's cheaper" - Big mistake. It's just easier

While for the same sum you can find a beautiful single piece vintage, online or in second-hand shop. Even in Hyères there are two: in center ofcity, for women and men. And a lot of the fleas. On the site https://vide-greniers.org/, wherever you are, find the area and schedules of flea markets nearby.

Yesterday in Hyères I saw a sea of ​​vaguely floral grey banality

I saw 2 (two !!) women on which I turned . They had, each, in the 65 spring. The first wearing an elegant and simple long light pink linen dress, of quality, buttoned front. The second had a slightly flared white cotton dress, just above knees, in a beautiful fabric, and fine golden sandals with good taste.

This post is an expression of my personal opinion, we hear well.

And you, what do you bring to your holiday suitcase? Are you "I put in everything I need" or "I would buy where I go". Are you "maximalist or" minimalist "? What are your favorite pieces ???

And, in any case, spend beautiful holidays, wherever you are !!!

See you soon.


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