Sartorial Question: Your most beautiful clothes - you save yourself to wear them ??

The question is: we (you, me, she) has a beautiful dress in the wardrobe (many - it's better). Beautiful, but also no wedding or reception dress at Meghan and Harry. Do you save it? I mean, do you keep it for special occasions? Because it does "dressed up", because it cost half of your end-of-year bonus (all the bonus ?? OK). So you save it. You save yourself.

Or this white shirt with frou-frou - too chic for the picnic? Sometimes you are afraid of putting this beautiful thing, which you are proud and happy owner, thinking that "it's too good for the occasion"? And that the others will be in rotten t-shirt and stained shorts.

So the beauties are staying there, the years spend, one day we say to ourself: "Ha, it is beautiful this dress, I put it only 2 times, what a pity".

Yes, what damage.

We are forbidden ourselves. We are saving ourselves. Because we were taught like that, or our current entourage works like that. The professional, the family, the social.

Yes, there are appropriate Dress-Code rules on opportunities. We agree. But here we talk about (I will use a strong word) of a shape of self-sabotage.

For years I walked the same. And then one day I changed envy (and of opinion). We go on his 31 without knowing how others will be capped, if it makes us happy. Yes it makes me happy to put this beautiful dress, while the mistress of house where I go wears a decontract house stuff. The risk is to harvest compliments. We accept with grace: "Thank you very much, yes myself I like this dress". The answer "Oh, that's nice, it's been 5 years that I have it" is not an option. Let's forget this sentence forever.

There are also ways to split a beautiful garment. The shoes do a lot. A superb dress with tennis (sneakers), from Doc Martens, clipped boots rises in "coolitude" and loses the learned side.

A frou-frou blouse for this picnic will be perfect with a Bermuda in Destroyed denim and pretty naked. A small touch of anti-dark circles, light brush brush and a small shiny on the lips.

You are the most beautiful to go ... do what you want.

Do you talk about this affair?

See you soon!


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