Will we tighten the belt

The subject is: the belt - ally, indispensable, detail, final touch, impact ...? What do you think? How many belts do you have in your wardrobe and for what season?

A belt can be a decisive detail in an outfit. It can mount it on the pedestal, just as it can demolish it by citing the silhouette.

One thing is certain: a belt can be an ally and a valuable asset, provided that you think, to have, improvising and trying with.

In all time, all seasons.

Far from me the idea of ​​"learning to live with a belt", each one's approach to you.

I offer you here just some experiences that seemed interesting to me with the photos and outfits that are in the shop or were there. And there are others who will arrive, sure!

---> A mid-long and relaxed shirt dress. With belt: more dressed effect:


---> dress and blazer. With belt: we add structure and elegance:


---> Printed light and oversize blazers. With belt: the print is enriched, its monotony is broken:



---> Winter Blazers autumn. With belt: Chic and sophisticated touch:



----> On a sweater. With a "masculine" sweater we add belt jewelry


----> On an oversize coat. With belt: highlights volumes and changes the structure


And you, what are your ideas, experiences with belt kenks ??

See you soon.


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