Soy El Capitan

I heard this sentence in an American series "Ray Donovan" (I warmly advise you, because if you like the fight, the drama, humor and problem guys - it's for you). "Soy El Capitan" - "I am the Captain" in Spanish. I do not know why I like how to pronounce it in Spanish. Once it's like that - something hangs we do not know why.

Where I want to come (and we change the subject to a few degrees south): you have been installed for too long in the same colors, cuts, type of clothes. Whether we talk about vintage, second-hand, new or mixing between all that. You want to change, but do not know what to start. And especially you do not know what's going to you or not.

To start the solution is: Observe, try, trust you.

Observe: everywhere - in the streets, on fashion blogs (even if you do not like it but you have to sacrifice a little of your time, unless sure you can directly hire a stylist that will do all this for you and after You will just have to follow its cards "Monday, Tuesday, etc", as for Weight Watchers).

Even no need to buy fashion magazines: everything is online.

Try: when to get there - must go there. There are more unpleasant things than being stuck in a fitting room with 3 kg of clothes. Eliminate the saleswoman (by means of your choice) because there are risks she preaches for her parish and not for yours. At the limit keep it at a reasonable distance to bring you back what you ask for.

Trust yourself: Yes, it's something other than usual and you like. You like it. You are on the right path, continue. "Yes, but tonight I have a" parents in-low, their neighbors and all the panoply ". They always see me in small black dress and there is downright tailor white pants" The cruise has fun ". And So? All you risk is that the husband of the Neighbor of the mother-in-law sits next to you instead of his wife. And no, there will be no purification by fire (except If said neighbor falls down his cigar on your new cream silk top, forced to squint on what's behind), but we will advise.

Soy El Capitan. It's you who decide what you want to wear. The others and their opinions - it belongs to them.

And the more you will exercise - the more your eye will be fine. You will see faster and faster where it's "yours". It's like everything: the more we know our eye and the more it knows how to recognize where we put your feet. And in addition it refers the info to our intuition. And that's top. And that's another topic :)

In the meantime, the little elves of fashion- vintage or mixed - I wish you to make beautiful finds!

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See you soon!


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