All you gave is yours - VESTIMANTARY VERSION.

As far as I remember my clothes were never thrown away.

Even before you know what I was going to become - a vintage -thrift seller online, and I love that, I constantly gave what I did not wear anymore. The sorting of my closets being always regular (see previous post), I'm hallucinating to see the amount raised to give every time. Moreover, strangely, selling them did not even come to the idea.

And now, outside of my current professional activity, I continue to give: my own clothes "of course", and in addition all that has been around for too long in my shops, and all I call "My mistakes Casting ": pieces that, for "X" reason, I do not finally put online.

Opportunities are multiple. When I lived in Paris there was a "Croix Rouge" (humanitarian association) truck that passed every month in the street and reapped our bags, a bargain! I religiously watched the date of the passage. In parallel I send clothes to Brazil with a colleague who was from there. I also took them in Russia whenever I went there to see the family.

Come in the South of France and has become at the beggining a vintage -thrift seller in flea markets I let my unsold to those who wanted to recover them. And, of course, today I continue, always, give to friends and family.

Where I come to: No matter where we live and what we do. Now the choices are multiple: local humanitarian associations that will be loved to receive your donations; The "Resto du Cœur" ( a French foodd bank "Heart's Restaurant") also take the clothes. Shelters: For women, men, families - they have practically only that: donations.
If you want a small "plus" for you: H & M gives purchases vouchers against your dresses fallen in deamour.
Finally, if the only thing you have on hand and your rhythm allows that: put your bags well prominently near your local trash or what you have in this genre. You will see - they will disappear very quickly.

An old proverb says "all that you have given is yours". You want to have plenty of clothes? Make donations.

See you:)


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