Sort clothes in our wardrobe - a happiness

Yesterday I spent the afternoon sorting and a kind of self-revision in my wardrobe (closet, shelves etc.). There are many my own clothes, we hear well, not articles from the shop.

I have always done this kind of storage, well before you have clothes shops online. It makes me a fool in mind, mood, not to mention well-meaning that to venture this living space - our wardrobe, isn't it , girls. Yes, there is also Feng-Shui.

What I would like to talk , apart from mental benefit, it's a real revieuw of what we have in our dressing at the beginning of each season.

Many of my clients tell me: "You must have so much clothes !". That's where I'm coming from. By progressing in my work I made progress too in my own closet. Indeed, I had full of things. So how was it that I always put the same? Or - when there was for a precise occasion it was: "No, but I'm going to put there ?? .. ok and if I put it - what to do as shoes? ...omg, it's wrong, you have to find something else. . " All this to finish with my usual comfort outfit because there we had to hurry. I specify here that I hate to buy a garment especcialy only to be dressed for one specific event  (except the dress of my wedding, which is, in addition, as I can carry it).

Yesterday I took out all of my supposed summer wardrobe . We will speak seasonal - so pieces for now, late spring - summer. And I sorted, trying each piece. For there were pieces that I had not even tried yet.

The questions posed on each piece: it's okay? ;  I like her? (yet ..);  with what I can wear it and where?

Our tastes and preferences change, evolve over time.

Before I was very "flowers" for dresses. This umpteenth flower dress - do I get it again? No. So she goes in the "to give" . Another one - it is convenient for the house, I'm sure I'll put it in that. I keep. I did the inventory of all my dresses and kept that those I'm sure of wearing. For each dress I looked if I and what is the pair of shoes that goes with it? Balance (I'm trying to do the short version there): I need a pair of white shoes - open, with a little heel. And a dress - fluid, mid-long, airy (non-tight), light pastel color, like a pale pink.

For "tops" and "bottoms" I take into account my way of life and temperature of my region. Summer I wear very light tops and shorts (I do not like to wear skirts :). For the tops I kept white shirts with long sleeves (yes I love the white) in linen and sleeveless colorful tops. For the bottoms I have my denim shorts and my white pants (for the evenings) - denim or casual cotton. Balance : I miss 2 fluid and non-transparent shorts in lightweight fabrics - one off-white or white and a light beige. My fetish white shorts that I wore since ... At least all that, will be put exclusively at home. In the garden. Shoes - I have that I need.

I  got rid of everything I didn’t want anymore, was not going / more, did not fit / more to my "everyday" and other. To give.

At the end of the day I had a clear vision of my wardrobe for this season: what I have and what I have to find (I made a small list, I like small lists). Everything was in front of me, on hangers and shelves. Very happy because I know what I have to wear depending on where I go and the time that does it.

This kind of regular sorting, especially before each season, in addition to its quasi-therapeutic side - so much, I find, it feels good to the soul, has excellent practical features:

- Eliminate the useless, "has been", the "I do not like", or "it does not go much"

- know exactly what we have and what we need (really need, I do not speak here unforeseen favorites, that's another chapter)

- Get out of the situation: "Yes I have lots of clothes, but I have nothing to put me", so frequent

Than happiness!

I wanted to share this experience with you, it becomes my first article of the blog.

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See you soon!


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