You are "I'm waiting for sales" or "Sales? never ever" !!! ???

So what to start? By quantum physics? OK next time.

In France the Sales of this summer begins on June 30th.

Essential question (in this theme I mean, not in life in general): Are you researcher in the sales of the extreme? Or are you "I refuse to set foot and anyway I never buy on sale"? Or you observe "the middle way"?

Whether you buy online or in store; whether you buy from the second-hand or new - the large salving lines remain the same.

Long before I created my shops and my practice of "the second-hand religion", I went to see the first days of sales without any purpose, no plan, nor strategy. See what's up.

Results: the trousers (I wore at the time) who were ugly. But bought on sale - so, we have to wear them well. A few months later I gave them. Money thrown out the window - certainly yes. Or a party dress that I may put next year to the birthday of this friend, she is partying in general. Or with heel shoes that is not at all, but then at all ... good, the shoes is another (wholesale) subject that deserves a post apart.

All these experiences and work with garment (moreover the sales of the thrifte on the flea markets taught me a lot about this too) have allowed me to arrive at certain conclusion, which I would like to share with you. It's a personal point of view. And I will be happy to know yours !!

Whether it's online, vintage, new, or in a store:

- Identify first of all I really need and make a list

- Make a budget (yes I know, but it is to avoid hiding your swimsuit too small to 180 euros instead of 300 on the cabinet so that the husband does not find it and "by then the next summer I will lose weight ")

- think about "Where I'm going to look for that?" - on a site, in town, etc.

- Start front tracking (put in "favorite", etc.)

- attack what you have already spotted and that corresponds to the 2 first points from the first day of the sales, because, yes it is surprising, but we are numerous to have chosen this shorts in size Small and there are only 3

- Use sales to offer you something that you couldn't buy in normal time. Cause high Price . For that - look at the shops (online or not, second hand or not) that you like, but "pff ... their prices ..". You will be surprised: you may be able to offer you this swimsuit 30% off discount, or this silk dress 40% off.

All this requires time. And I easily understand that this factor can miss. I knew that. Or my budget this year is too small.

So it is better to wait, zapper down, rather than end up with an umpteenth little black top useless, bought just because we state mood "to buy something". That those among us who have never done it lift their hands. If, I see you.

My last word and I leave you : ​​do you prohibit (or ask a friend or the seller, ok - your cat) of you formally prohibit (and if you have to use the deterrent force) to buy Things too small or too big for you. It is a supreme illusion that the sales know how to make us mirror, then bring with you a bottle of blessed water and spray the room that submits you to the temptation.

See you soon.


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